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the relationship paths

Trail Map 

The Trail Map is a digital course and workbook created for those who want to build their relationship at their own pace. The Trail Map will teach you about what makes strong emotional and sexual relationships. This one-of-a-kind course provides research-based ways to improve your partnership(s), as well as activities that will help you solidify and implement what you've learned. The Trail Map is best option for those looking to work on their relationship in their own time, at their own convenience. It's our most popular option for a reason! 


 Outlooks are designed to help you gain more in-depth knowledge about specific areas of interest. While the Trail Map covers concepts that are foundational to any relationship, Outlooks give you the opportunity to focus on targeted issues. They cover a variety of topics, from preparing to become parents to starting the conversation about an open relationship. In addition to up to date research-based information, Outlooks contain activities to help apply the information to yourself and your relationship(s).


 The Intensive is the most personalized option, providing targeted results. You will meet directly with The Coaches (virtually or in-person) to set mutual goals for a shared future. You will engage in comprehensive assessments to gain invaluable information about yourself as a partner. Then you will join your partner in transformative sessions tailored specifically to your partnership's needs. This path is for those who are committed to making profound changes efficiently.


The Retreat provides couples a 3-day opportunity to put aside the stresses of everyday life, experience the support of others couples, and focus on their relationship with the guidance and expertise of the Coaches. Join us in a relaxing and beautiful environment for a combination of group workshops and personalized sessions with the Coaches. Consider the Retreat a spa weekend for your relationship!

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trail map

The Trail Map is the most convenient and effective option for those who are highly motivated to strengthen their partnership and are looking for the flexibility of a self-paced program. The Coaches have created a clear, concise, self-guided program to help you and your partner(s) explore and build upon your emotional and sexual relationship - all for less than the cost of two couples therapy sessions!

with the trail map, you will:
  • Complete eight modules addressing foundational topics regarding relationships, communication, and sexuality.

  • Through a combination of information and activities, you will gain an in-depth understanding of 

    • Attachment styles/relationship roles

    • Emotional regulation

    • Managing conflict

    • Building a strong foundation

    • The importance of sex

    • Desire and arousal

    • Sexual communication

    • Exploring sexuality

  • Apply this new found knowledge to your specific relationships

  • Improve your ability to communicate and navigate differing sexual needs and interests

  • Enjoy lifelong access to these evidence-based materials

timeline and fee




Outlooks provide an opportunity to expand beyond the foundational principles of healthy relationships and sexuality. With awareness that different relationships have different challenges, needs, and interests, The Coaches have developed a series of stand-alone workbooks to address a variety of specific topics.

with the outlooks, you will:
  • Participate in exercises and activities to deepen your knowledge of topics that are relevant to you and your relationship.

  • Through a combination of information and activities, you can explore targeted areas of relationships, such as

    • Managing mental illness in a relationship

    • Adjusting to relationship transitions (e.g. cohabitation, marriage, fertility, etc.)

    • Mindful sex

    • Ethical nonmonogamy

    • And more!

  • Enjoy lifelong access to these evidence-based materials​

timeline and fee

 $50 each
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Group Hike


The Intensive Path is intended for those who wish to work directly with the Coaches on an in-depth, tailored program with fast results. This format more closely resembles concentrated, intensive short-term therapy.


In the intensive, you will:

  • Complete comprehensive individual assessments, three 2-hr sessions with The Coaches, a conflict resolution strategy guide specific to your relationship's needs, and two free check-in sessions 3 and 6 months after completing the program.

  • Consult with the Coaches to identify areas for growth and set achievable goals for the strengthening of your emotional and sexual connection

  • Address foundational and targeted challenges, such as those addressed in the Trail Map and Outlooks

  • Learn to change unhelpful patterns by gaining the insight and skills to have calmer, more productive disagreements

  • Practice strategies to communicate more effectively

  • Explore your sexual and intimacy needs, as well as those of your partner(s)

  • Learn to balance and navigate each partner's sexual interests and needs openly and compassionately

timeline and fee
 6hrs with The Coaches
1.5hrs self-paced assessment
2hrs follow-up sessions




Take time away from the daily stresses of life and join The Coaches in a tropical paradise! Leaving the challenges of day-to-day life allows you to focus on your relationship without other stressors interfering. The Retreat is a 4-day, concentrated examination and improvement of your relationship. All relationship structures are welcome!

on the retreat, you will:

  •  Attend workshops with The Coaches to learn vital, foundational information about relationships and sexuality

  • Have a minimum of 2 private sessions with each Coach

  • Develop a conflict resolution strategy unique to your relationship

  • Participate in activities designed to strengthen trust and foster open communication

  • Experience the support and validation that a group setting provides

Next upcoming Retreat - Fall 2023

timeline and fee
3-days, 2 nights

$3,500 per person
(includes lodging and meals)
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