the relationship paths

The Trainings

 The Trainings are opportunities to learn more about relationship satisfaction. The Coaches present on a variety of topics, from preparing to become parents to starting the conversation about an open relationship. Participants have the opportunity to submit questions both before and during these live virtual trainings, and will learn about navigating life's challenges and creating a fulfilling partnership.

The E-Course 

The E-Course is an online course created for those who want to build their relationship at their own pace. The course provides assessments, asking you thought provoking questions to explore together. It includes information on what makes strong relationships, research-based ways to improve your partnership(s), and activities that will help you solidify the knowledge and increase closeness.

The Workshop 

The Workshop provides couples an opportunity to work with The Coaches (virtually or in person) on targeted topics in a group setting. No participant is required to disclose personal information, but many people find it inspiring and motivating to work alongside couples with similar needs. Though less tailored to your relationship than The Intensive, these workshops allow couples the flexibility to hone in on specific areas for growth.

The Intensive

 The Intensive is the most in-depth option with the fastest results. You will meet directly with The Coaches (virtually or in-person) to set mutual goals for a shared future. You will engage in comprehensive individual assessments to gain invaluable information about yourself as a partner. Then you will join your partner in transformative sessions tailored specifically to your partnership's needs. This path is for those who are ready to make profound changes efficiently.

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the trainings

The Coaches offer trainings on special topics for those interested in learning more about one focused area of relational satisfaction. Upcoming trainings include:

Dec 1: Navigating the Holiday Season 

with Dr. Isabelle Morley

Jan 17: Sex Positivity

with Dr. Bailey Hanek

Feb 2: Codependence and Healthy Boundaries

with Dr. Isabelle Morley

Mar 7 : Ethical Nonmonogamy

with Dr. Bailey Hanek

in the trainings, you will:
  • Gain valuable insight and information on a variety of topics related to navigating challenges as partners and enhancing your relationship

  • Have the opportunity to ask questions both before and during the training

  • Receive early access to upcoming trainings and priority in participating in either the Workshop or Intensive

timeline and fee
1-hr training
Virtual setting


the E-course


The E-Course is for those who are highly motivated to strengthen their partnership and are looking for the flexibility of a self-paced program. The Coaches have created a clear, concise, self-guided program to help you and your partner(s) explore and build upon your emotional and sexual relationship.

in the e-course, you will:
  • Complete individual assessments to determine your communication and relational styles, as well as your sexual needs and interests

  • Learn foundational information about relationships, communication, and conflict resolution to apply to your partnership(s)

  • Participate in exercises and activities to deepen your knowledge of your relationship and further your connection

  • Improve your ability to communicate and navigate differing sexual needs and interests

  • Gain lifelong access to these evidence-based materials

timeline and fee
(4) 1-hr modules
8 questionnaires and activities
Lifelong access

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the Workshop

The Workshop is for those who are seeking to target specific relationship topics by working directly with The Coaches in a group setting. Many people feel increased support in the group setting, are energized to see others who are also investing in their partnerships and feel encouraged by the shared progress they witness (partners will not be required to share any personal information with other participants during the workshop). In the Workshop, partners have the opportunity to learn important skills for strengthening their connections in an efficient and supported way. By working directly with The Coaches and selecting the Workshop that is right for you, you and your partner(s) will have an experience that is more tailored to your specific needs. 

Upcoming Workshops:

January 21, 2022

April 8, 2022

July 22, 2022

September 23, 2022

in the workshop, you will:

  • Complete a comprehensive intake form in order to gain insight into your relational history, patterns, and main areas of concern even before the workshop begins

  • Learn specific information about communication, conflict resolution, and sexual well-being 

  • Engage in numerous exercises to help solidify the  skills and knowledge that you gain

  • Have the opportunity to clarify, troubleshoot, and discuss topics relevant to your relationship with The Coaches

  • Create a targeted conflict resolution plan with the guidance of The Coaches

timeline and fee
3.5 hr session, including assessment, education, and exercises
To ensure a tailored experience, Workshops are limited to 6 clients per session



The Intensive

The Intensive Path is intended for those who wish to work directly with the Coaches on an in-depth, tailored program with fast results.

This path consists of comprehensive individual assessments, three 2-hr sessions with The Coaches, a conflict resolution strategy guide specific to your relationship's needs, and two free check-in sessions 3 and 6 months after completing the program.


In the intensive, you will:

  • Consult with the Coaches to identify areas for growth and set achievable goals for the strengthening of your emotional and sexual connection

  • Identify your communication style and relational roles, as well as those of your partner(s)

  • Use that understanding to recognize unproductive patterns in your relationship

  • Learn to change unhelpful patterns by gaining the insight and skills to have calmer, more productive disagreements

  • Practice strategies to communicate more effectively

  • Explore your sexual and intimacy needs, as well as those of your partner(s)

  • Understand the role of sex in your relationship

  • Learn to balance and navigate each partner's sexual interests and needs openly and compassionately

timeline and fee
Initial Consult
(3) 2-hr sessions (flexible scheduling)
2 check-in sessions at 3 and 6 months
To ensure quality of care, we coach 6-8 clients per year

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