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Strengthen and Revitalize Your Relationship

Nourish your partnership

Relationships are important. They are a vital component of our well-being and life-satisfaction, but they are not easy. Relationships have peaks and valleys, and navigating them requires preparedness. Most people, however, wait until their relationship is in crisis before seeking help. You would not wait until you are hypothermic on Mt. Everest to learn how to hike! You would acquire the skills and knowledge you need ahead of time; you would strengthen and condition yourself while healthy so that you can weather the challenges ahead. That is exactly what we will help you do at The Relationship Coaches.

We, Dr. Isabelle Morley and Dr. Bailey Hanek, are experts in relationships and sexuality. We are here to help you strengthen your relationship to weather the challenges and transitions ahead. In other words, instead of enduring years of distress before reaching a breaking point, we help people proactively address problems and dissatisfactions in their relationships. 

​​Start today. Begin the path to the partnership that you want.

We are here to walk alongside you.

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our reason

People are not taught how to have successful romantic relationships. While there are sexual education classes to teach about safe sex and sexual health and there are programs for social skills to help support children in making friends, there is no class for how to have a healthy romantic relationship. Even though there is information that could help guide people, there is no class for how to navigate conflict with your partner, or effective communication strategies are, or how to identify and maintain healthy boundaries. 


This is a big problem because relationships are incredibly important in our lives. We form very close connections to our partners; our lives become integrated as we share experiences and memories, friends and family, and if we find ourselves in an unhealthy relationship it can negatively impact our entire life as a result.  


Only adults who actively seek out therapy or information about what healthy relationships look like are able to develop these insights and skills. But at the Relationship Coaches we see a different future, one where everyone can learn how to have happy, healthy romantic relationships. With our knowledge of couples and sex therapy combined, we hope to spread this information far and wide, so that everyone can know the truths about relational satisfaction.

Enjoying the Sunset

our mission

We believe in the importance of romantic relationships and the significant impact they have on mental health. Research has shown that strong relationships are predictive of longer lives, whereas unhealthy and dissatisfying partnerships are more likely to cause mental or physical health problems. Our mission is to increase access to resources that will help more people strengthen their partnerships. While therapy is an excellent way to achieve this, there is very little comprehensive training for clinicians, and too many people are left without support. In fact, we have had to piece this information together from years of individual trainings, and we want to pass the knowledge on directly to you. That's why we created the Relationship Coaches, a revolutionary program combining couples and sex therapy interventions along with evidence-based strategies to help you build a better relationship.

In addition to increasing access, we believe that all types of partnerships deserve space to be seen, honored, and strengthened. We welcome and affirm people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship structures. Much like other aspects of well-being, the challenges that face the dominant sociocultural space disproportionately affect those of our marginalized communities. We strive to provide equitable access for those who are most affected.

In service of our mission, we donate a percentage of all profits to support organizations and programs that seek to end intimate partner violence and advocate for adequate sexual education: The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and Sex Ed for Social Change (SIECUS). We believe that by uniting with other like-minded groups, we can work together to improve the quality of relationship and sexual health on larger scale. 

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